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Stopmakingme Exclusive Mix

Part of Kill Em All, London-based DJ/producer Dan Avery makes an exclusive set for Dazed before releasing his long-awaited debut EP this November

Cementing his reputation as one of London's most hard-working DJs, Stopmakingme aka Dan Avery currently holds residencies at Fabric as well as regularly gracing the bill at Bugged Out and Durrr. His DJ sets combining his love of electro and techno alongside disco influences are evident, whilst elements of post-punk and krautrock can also be heard in his new EP and exclusive mix for Dazed Digital here. Besides warming up for his musical heroes Simian Mobile Disco, The Chemical Brothers, Erol and Tiga, Avery also co-runs the iconic Kill Em All club night with Filthy Dukes, championing new music from live bands to electronic artists. Having recently launched a record label, Kill Em All will be pushing this love of all things new even further with tracks by We Have Band, Hidden Cat and Plugs, whilst Stopmakingme releases his debut EP "Wrapped In Plastic" this November 22nd.

Dazed Digital: Having DJed across such a range of venues, what are your favourite places to play?
Stopmakingme: It's still a genuine honour to play for Fabric and Bugged Out - they are places I never dreamed I'd DJ at and they always exceed my expectations of how great a club can be. People go to these nights with a real thirst to hear good, new music - that doesn't happen very often.

DD: What are you most enjoying playing out now? Does it differ drastically to what you are listening to at home? 
I feel a lot of things have come together over the past year and I'm happier than I've ever been with what I'm playing. It's modern club music informed by all sorts of things: weird italo disco, psychedelia, post-punk, electroclash, big electro, pop hooks, proto-house, pulsing techno…It manages to be fun to dance to and tough enough for a club without ever sounding naff. Producers like In Flagranti, The Deadstock 33s and Remute are emerging as masters of the sound. It's suddenly very exciting again. 

I don't listen to tonnes of dance music at home, I get overwhelmed by how much other great stuff there is to hear. I'm currently loving the Tame Impala, ARP, Gold Panda and Tamaryn records. The Laura Marling album was pretty perfect too. Oh and Factory Floor: the best band I've seen in ages. 

DD: How would you describe your work?
I see myself as a music fan more than anything else. I'm just really lucky that I get to spend my time making and playing stuff to other people.

DD: Do you think it's necessary to also be a producer to be a successful DJ?
Stopmakingme: Well times are certainly different from how they were even ten years ago. Everyone has exactly the same access to music so DJs have to try that much harder. I think it's a good thing, you have to prove your worth. I've been making music for ages but only now do I feel it's good enough to put out there. If it helps with DJing then great but I would still love playing records for people even if I couldn't play a note.

DD: Where did the name come from?
It began as a joke and now I'm stuck with it! We were all choosing silly DJ names for a night we were doing and I was listening to NY Excuse by Soulwax just as Nancy Whang shouts "well, stop making me then." It was literally the first thing I heard. It's funny but some people seem to think it's an alright name.

DD: How has Kill Em All changed over time since its inception? Are you booking different kinds of artists now than before? Any patterns you are following?
I've only been part of the team for three years or so (I was just a huge fan beforehand) but I believe the ethos is identical to how it's always been. The idea of club DJs playing records with as much energy as a band and live acts turning techno heads onto different sounds. Just new, exciting music all in one place together with your friends. 

DD: What's next?
My first EP comes out in November with a couple more to follow in early 2011, one on Remute's record label which I'm very excited about. I've been working hard on remixes too so quite a few should start to appear over the next few months. There's also something extremely exciting lined up with one of my favourite labels/people which people should look out for.


The Deadstock 33s - We Could Be
Punks Jump Up - Blockhead
Addy Van Der Zwan & Koen Groeneveld - Disko Tek
Stopmakingme - Discuss
The Glimmers - You Rocked My World
Fortuna - Touched By The Hand Of God (Emperor Machine Remix)
Sounds Superb - Pseudo Wind
The Deadstock 33s - Cavalry (Stopmakingme Remix)

Photo by Charlene Hamid