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Phonat's former DJ partner goes solo with his own breed of bumping energetic electro numbers

Daniele Pianigiani, aka 5EYA, is the DJ partner (and former flatmate) to fellow Italian Phonat. Pianigiani took the name from his teenage graffiti tag has been supported by Radio 1 bigwigs like Kissy Sell Out and Malente, and Turbo Recordings' Matt Walsh. Now, with a debut EP on Sharooz's La Bombe label, the Italian has already seen remixes from the likes of the label owner himself and British bumpy tech-house producer Tom Flynn. 5EYA's breed of disco synths merge the styles of electro and house, with catchy pop appeal.

WHAT'S... special about you, then?

I'm Italian and I don't eat olives.

 ...your worst vice?

I intentionally don't shave as often as good manners suggest.

...the story behind your name?

I was 14 when I started doing graffiti with my friends, we all had tags, and mine was Seya. After a while, everybody (including perhaps the authorities) knew me as Seya so it wasn't safe to use that name for graffiti anymore. I changed my tag but Seya remained as my everyday nickname. When i moved to london and i started taking this music project seriously i just changed the "S" into a "5".. no real reason.

... your favourite sound?

I like it when music sounds dirty and dusty, i'm not a big fan of the perfect clean sound. I enjoy the dirtiness... more than the melodies!

 ...your worst fashion secret?

When I ride my bike I have to roll up my trousers right leg.

...your favourite website? - no competition.

... good for breakfast?

Coffee and sweet things in the morning, it's best way to start a day. I'm also a big fan of an English breakfast, but only if it's after 11am. the top of your shit list?

This desire of being at the centre of attention without having anything to say or to show. Personally I don't like too many people around if i'm doing something i'm not confident with so i don't understand this sort of culture. I'm ok with entertainment and self-promotion, but at least make sure you have something to offer beyond just an empty, stupid face.

 ...are you listening to now?

Nineties hip hop is always at the top of my playlist. I listen to loads of funk too. It's like listening to the mother of so many records made in the last 30 years. Of course a lot of electronic too. There's far too many names to fit in this little space but I couldn't go without name-checking my man, Phonat.

How would you describe your work?

Creativity usually messes around with what you've got at your disposal and I've always been plenty of music, so I basically started to mess around with it. I do a lot of sampling, taking stuff from different sources and trying to fit them together. I believe that sampling itself increased the value of being a genuine listener more than a good composer.