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Solo Project ceo

One half of The Tough Alliance, Sweden's Erik Berglund takes on an epic solo project as ceo

With his new solo album White Magic set to be released on Australia's finest, Modular Records, Erik aka ceo has left his days as part of The Tough Alliance behind him. The Swedish producer has been pretty hush hush about it with a mysterious website and vague descriptions to boot. Dazed try to get through his icy exterior and find out what he's doing now.
WHAT'S special about you, then?
Being me.

...your worst vice?

…the story behind your name?
It came to me in a very intense moment by the ocean with my beats by Dre as only company. From heaven, from the ocean or the headphones. I'm not really sure. when it was pronounced I saw it all take place, I had no questions then.

...the world coming to?
Peace. Will take a while though so don't hold your breath. First more war.

...your worst fashion secret?
I'm not into secrets and never understood what fashion is. But when I was like 14 I used to wear a jacket with "anxiety is freedom" sprayed on the back. That feels kind of bad now. Looked good though!

...your favourite website?

...good for breakfast?
Oatmeal with fresh fruit. Roasted sandwiches with marmalade. Prosecco. the top of your shit list?
The mind and the illusions it creates.

...are you listening to now?
Cocteau Twins, Kanye West, Sail A Whale, Nicki Minaj, Lou Harrison, Kendal Johansson playing piano for me, new JJ songs, Salem, Gucci Mane, some late 90s soulful house. Shit like that.

How would you describe your work?
Well, I spend all my time and energy on sincerely yours, The Tough Alliance and CEO because it's the only way for me to come close to describing what I feel. So describing it here in text would be kind of hard, but I'll try: Five words - me, life, sound, picture, true, love. That was six, whatevs.

The CEO album White Magic is out now on Modular.