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Housse de Racket Recommends

French electro pop stars explain why they love the film 'Anvil', who makes the 'best new music' and what blogs they're addicted to

We first heard of them last year when they designed T-shirts for A.P.C, and since then Housse de Racket has been one of our French favourites. With fresh electro pop songs, the Paris-based duo straddle the line between Phoenix and Vampire Weekend, with lyrics all sung in French. 'Forty Love', their debut album is finally coming out in the UK at the end of August. Although, Victor and Pierre are currently working on their second album (due early next year) with the legendary Zdar on production duties (Phoenix, Cut Copy, Rapture, Cassius). Housse De Racket will be playing a one-off gig on Thursday August 12th at the Lexington, London. Dazed asked to them to share some of the their wealth...

Can you recommend...

... someone new?
Egyptian Hip Hop : 16 years old kids, pure UK product. 

... someone old?
Guillaume Fédou : 35 five years old, a pure French product. A "garçon moderne" that we love.
... a website?

The perfect synth addict blog. Very useful when you want to trig, pitch, patch and waste your time.

... a film?
Anvil. A documentary about a guitar and a drums players desperately looking for glory. They're 55 years old... We'd better move our ass.    

... a book?
Les Choses - Georges Perec. Life when you realise you're not a kid anymore. You own things or is it the opposite ?

... something on YouTube?
Steve Jobs' presentation of the first Macintosh in 1984. This guy is a rock star.

...  a game?
Bomberman. Wi-fi of course. Vintage but good.

... something to do on a day off?
Everything but music. Bomberman anyone?

... something fun to do in Paris?
Having an ice cream at Jardin du Luxembourg can't go wrong.

... a song everyone should hear?
The Beach Boys - 'Til I Die'.

... something French?
Housse de Racket.

Click here to attend their next gig. Current single 'Oh Yeah!' is out now.

Housse de Racket "Oh Yeah" from SoLab on Vimeo. The album 'Forty Love' is out 30th of August