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Radfest: Cerebral Ballzy

This Sunday sees the likes of Dam Mantle and Echo Lake take over London's Corsica Studios

With a name like Cerebral Ballzy, they were never going to be headliners at T4 on the Beach. Instead, more suitably, these five noise/trouble makers are playing at this years Radfest. Presented by Sexbeat in association with Nudie Jeans, Poster Roast and This is Music, Cerebral Ballzy feature alongside the likes of Bo Ningin, Graffiti Island, Dam Mantle, A Place To Bury Strangers and some secret special guests, in addition to a whole load of DJs, a DIY record and poster fair and a barbeque to make this years Radfest truly the raddest ever. Taking place at Corsica Studios, entry is only a fiver and it's a mere ten minutes on the tube from the Dazed office. For those that maybe live a little further away, Cerebral Ballzy have sent over their raucous minute-long track ‘Causing Havoc’ as an incentive to make the trip down and see all those on the line up do exactly that. We also had the chance to speak to Cerebral Ballzy’s bassist Melvin Honore about their non-humble beginnings as skaters in the big apple.

Dazed Digital: How did you guys come to be Cerebral Ballzy?
Melvin Honore: Um, it literally just happened. Been skating and drinking and causing pure havoc with these kids for a few years now. Skating can be given the credit for starting Ballzy. There's no other way you could meet a crew of fucktards at Union Square.

DD: What's the best thing about Brooklyn?
Melvin Honore: The sheer independence and slunx (slut punx).

DD:...and the worst?
Melvin Honore: COPS.

DD: You've kindly sent over your track 'Causing Havoc'. When was the last time you 'caused havoc'?
Melvin Honore: Last night (we're currently in London) shotgunning brews on the double decker bus shit. Listening to Slayer and thrashing in some "booty wine" shop. Hitting on girls that think we're too scummy to be spoken to. Little do they know we're scummy enough to call ‘em fat.

DD: Was there a seminal punk record for you that just aligned you with that genre?
Melvin Honore: The Dead Boys

DD: I'm hardly a detective but I gather you all skate too. Are there any other things you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Melvin Honore: Drinks, drugs, offensive jokes that lead to fights, and YELLING. DON'T FORGET TO THRASH.

This Sunday 8th August 2PM-12AM; Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle, London. Free RADTAPEs with a track from each band comes with every ticket. Dazed have two pairs of tickets to giveaway courtesy of Nudie Jeans. Simply e-mail by Thursday 4th for a chance to win.