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Mosca (London, UK)

Funky house gets all torn up by Night Slugs' own enfant terrible...

Mosca is something of a stylistic enigma. Not quite garage, not quite house, his productions flit effortlessly amongst the mutating genres that are currently dominating the UK club scene.  Not to say that this ability to defy labelling implies that his sound is not distinct; the immaculate Square One EP – released on the scorching London label Night Slugs – has been getting countless gun-finger salutes and teasing rewinds for its unique fusion of carnivalesque drums, rave-inspired hooks and ripped up bashment vocals, and heralds a new direction in house music.  With current edits for Foals and Four Tet showcasing his impressive remix skills, a featured track on the recent Fabric Elevator Music Vol. 1 compilation, and the Night Slugs crew hosting some of the wildest parties around, the genre that last year made sceptics raise their eyebrows has now taken firm root in every self-respecting sound system and opened the doors for a new breed of creative and experimental house producers – with Mosca easing his way to the forefront.

Dazed Digital: How did you come to be involved in Night Slugs?
Mosca: We put on Bok Bok and Manara at our first dance (I run U Dun Know with Unknown Soulja)  We kept in touch and it went from there. I moved into the big Night Slugs house not long after that and I have my own Night Slugs office with a desk made from real Night Slugs mahogany.

DD: Last record you bought?
Mosca: Last vinyl was Addison Groove – Footcrab, and the last mp3 was Jahvinci - Rumour on Don Corleone's Gala Riddim.

DD: Last movie you watched?
Mosca: It was a DVD from a dance actually, Fire Links at Hot Monday. Mad daggering! A dancer jumps off a 15 foot stack onto a girl waiting for him and completely flattens her...   

DD: What, for you, are they key factors to making a good remix?
Mosca: You need to switch it up. Bring in new melodies, new rhythms, new vocals even. Change the tempo or whatever. Just put your stamp on it, make a new tune you know? Don't get prang about staying true to the original, you're not replacing it.  

DD: Favourite YouTube video?
Mosca: Middlesbrough Tintin series has probably given me the most lulz... But it's a good way to stay on top of fresh niche and bashment still.

DD: Hero?
Mosca: Anyone open minded.

DD: Villain?
Mosca: Anyone bad minded.  

DD: Guilty pleasure?
Mosca: Cleaning my ears with those earbud things, pushing them in mad close to my brain. Bad for me but why does it feel so right?

DD: Greatest ambition, musical or otherwise?
Mosca: Work with Bon Jovi.

DD: Immediate goals?
Mosca: Work with Bon Jovi.

DD: What is currently on your stereo?
Mosca: Don't have one! I could lie and say Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer, but I'm not going to.

DD: What's your favourite place to play or party?
Mosca: Fabric was heavy. A rave in Poland I played was heavy. I don't think it matters too much about the place to be honest, if the crowd want it then you can nice up the dance anywhere with a decent sound.

DD: Favourite website?
Mosca: My website, We try and give away lots of free tunes, a few exclusives, some heads up business. Hang tight for the full version of the website where we'll be taking no prisoners.

Mosca will be playing Fill Yer Boots at The Rest Is Noise, Brixton this Saturday 5th June