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Sanjay Sur

Italians Do It Better Mix for Dazed

The seminal Italo-disco revival label celebrate their three year anniversary with an exclusive mix for Dazed Digital

In 2007, amid the technicolour dayglo riot of Klaxons and Nu Rave, a small American label, originally started as a dance offshoot of the punk rock Troubleman Unlimited; went against the grain, defiantly pushing their love of a previously obscure genre of Italo-disco to the forefront. The label was Italians Do It Better and their showcase was the stunning compilation After Dark. Indebted to Gorgio Moroder, the roster of artists from Farah to Mirage paid reverence to the past while reaching for something modern. It also yielded two breakout stars in Glass Candy and Chromatics. Led by the winsome Ruth Radelet, Chromatics stripped their sound to a pulsing metronomic beat, providing an apt soundtrack to Portland at night in the rain. Glass Candy on the other hand went on a different freakier route – lead vocalist, Ida No often coming across like Kate Bush tripping on a disco beat. Last year brought Houston-born super producer, Johnny Jewel’s new project, Desire purveying a damaged take on disco noir but things are about to go into overdrive for 2010. This year sees new releases from Glass Candy, Farah and the long awaited sophomore album from Chromatics. Most excitingly, the follow up compilation to After Dark – 'Into The Black' with new and unreleased tracks from the label’s stellar lineup will detonate this summer.

In between jetting around the world spreading the gospel of Italo, we asked Italians co-founder, Mike Simonetti to make a mix for us. That was in September last year. And now finally, here is Simonetti’s first mix of 2010. Asked for thoughts on this mix, Simonetti opined, “My thoughts were, "Man I'm so late with this mix!"

Without further adieu, turn the lights down and crank this motherfucker out loud.