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Kavinsky on Autocruise

The mysterious Frenchman brings more 80s-influenced electro beats our way with an exclusive mix...

Back from the dead (again), Kavinsky has swiftly returned from touring alongside Daft Punk with his 'Nightcall' EP on Record Makers complete with vocals from CSS’ Lovefoxxx, a remix from the elusive Jackson and His Computer Band and the even more elusive “Dustin N’Guyen”. Whilst the latest offering from our favourite French zombie producer (of the many that are out there) has already done the rounds on music blogs worldwide, we’ve been given an exclusive half hour mix from the man himself. When we called him on his car phone, he had only this to say:

“This mix is automatically generated by my car when I start the engine. This is the music that flows in my veins. My car knows this. For the first time ever, you are able to listen to this program outside of my car. Enjoy."

1. History Lesson - The Beepers
2. Flashing - Goblin
3. Spleeper In Metropolis - Anne Clark
4. Crockett's Theme - Jan Hammer
5. Kiss Me Hardy - Serge Gainsbourg
6. Fire In My Heart - Escape From New York
7. Moochi's Death - John Carpenter
8. Overdose - Cerrone
9. Beach Theme - Tangerine Dream
10. Roche (Kavinsky Remix) – Sebastien Tellier
11. Nightcall – Kavinsky

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