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The Underworld of Floria Sigismundi

Dazed talk music videos with Sigismondi, the director of The Runaways

In the April issue of Dazed, we speak to renowned music video director, Floria Sigismondi on the eve of releasing her down-and-dirty biopic of the guitar shredding 70s girl group, The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Elvis Presley’s grand-daughter (and Dazed model) Riley Keough. Prior to this, Sigismondi is still perhaps best known for twisting Marilyn Manson’s face into a Joel Peter Witkin experiment in the groundbreaking video for ‘The Beautiful People’. Sigismondi has since gone on to apply her trademark jittery camera-work and macabre vision to videos for the likes of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Interpol, The White Stripes and Christina Aguilera. Here we asked Floria to reveal her favourite ‘beautiful nightmares’ for Dazed Digital.

Sigur Ros - 'Untitled'
This video hold a warm spot in my heart. I had never worked with kids before and it was the first time I used a song like a soundtrack to a short film. The music moved me so to write something heartfelt. Working with kids reminded me what free spirits we can be.  This video is about kids living with war or kids growing up in a dying world. Their spirits are so bright they go on living their lives, adapting to their changing and toxic surroundings.

White Stripes - 'Blue Orchid'
Jack transforms his being into an apple, a snake, a horse until of course he gets his bride right where he wants her. In real life Jack and Karen Elson got married two weeks after meeting on set of this video.

Living Things Things - 'Boom Boom Boom'
I wanted an explosion of color. The illustrator Steve Wilson collaborated with me on the colorful setting for this video. The idea was to symbolize the idea of the "circus" which is a group of society outcasts, freaks and rebels coming together for Viva La Revolution.

Christina - Aguilera 'Hurt'
This song was about the abandonment of a father, and the loneliness and isolation of fame ....

The Cure - 'End of the World
The song was about being in conflict with a lover like the end of the world is crashing down...I symbolized this through the domesticity of the house with stop motion animation - the house came alive then crumbled. The stars aligned for me with this video when I found a government practice base of homes burned out

Special thanks to Revolver Film Company