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Late of the Pier Video Exclusive

Dazed premiere the new video for Late of the Pier's new single 'Best in Class'

Following last year’s release of ‘Blueberry’, Phantasy favourites Late of the Pier are back with a double A-side single 'Best in The Class' before their follow-up album for Parlophone Records and the official launch of the bands' Zarcorp label (including the Samuel Dust-produced debut single from newcomers Egyptian Hip Hop and the upcoming audio/visual project La La Lepus).

Released on limited edition vinyl and digital download on March 1st, ‘Best In The Class’ is a frantically catchy three-minute gem, adding 8-bit and electronic prog elements to ADHD guitars. After getting dizzy watching the combination of Facebook girls and spinning cameras, Dazed speak to LOTP's Sam Potter about his nan and his co-direction of the new video.

Dazed Digital: What's the story behind the name of your new single?

Sam Potter: All our songs are named in seconds, usually just as a reaction to the way it sounds, never usually about what they're about.

DD: Out of all the guys in the band, who was the best in class?
Sam Potter: I won a £10 Co-Op voucher once for painting a beetle, other than that none of us really did anything at school but run away from it. It was a really lose education with a lot of teachers who didn't feel like teaching and for that we thank them, who knows we might have ended up doing interviews for plumbing magazines instead of art ones.

DD: Love the song, seems very playful with somewhat 8-bit chirpy bits, anything in particular inspire it?
Sam Potter: Me and Sam use to play a game where I'd shout red in someones ear and he'd shout green in the ear. The track initially had the same thing two words sung at the same time but we realised it was really disorientating so we simplified it.

DD: The video gave me a bit of a headache with all the spinning and such, what kind of vibes did you want viewers to get from it? Do you expect viewers to feel a sense of nausea, especially when the old lady pops in?
Sam Potter: I thought the start of the sound had some churning kind of element, like someone was winding it up. After editing the video for a week I could feel my eyes still spinning in their sockets. In some it induces a trance and they can communicate with dead relatives but in others it's just a sick feeling. The old lady at the end is my grandma, she's the still point in a spinning world.

DD: Who were the girls in the video?
Sam Potter: All of the girls came out of Facebook.

DD: Was it fun having them around then?
Sam Potter: The nice people of Smirnoff gave us enough vodka to make us all dizzy.