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Birds & Batteries

Getting up to no good in San Francisco

As the new Birds & Batteries EP plays out, lead bird Mike Sempert kicks off with a little epic art pop before sliding into some woozy electro funk a couple of tracks later. It’s a bit Hot Chip with a side of TV On The Radio, but hailing from San Francisco with a record called Getting Up To No Good, Birds & Batteries is a more mischievous and laidback outfit inspired by Bowie, P-Funk and John Carpenter. Before playing the Bay Area’s awesome Noise Pop festival in February alongside Dazed favourites Memory Tapes, Birds & Batteries give us the “Up To No Good” guide to San Francisco.

1. El Metate
This is probably my favorite burrito in San Francisco. Their carnitas is always crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, like me. The chile verde is just tender all over, which makes it a pleasure. The guys that work there are super nice and tender and you can brown-bag some Tecate in bottles from the nearby liquor store, owned by an old Korean couple who listen to Willie Nelson a lot. And I love Willie Nelson. Man this burrito is good.

2. Dolores Park
What was once called Dolores Beach might sadly return to its original status as an actual park. This used to be the place where everyone got down in the summer on beers and roaming party dogs ruled and people just laid out in bathing suits and smoked joints. Some people brought turntables and blasted funky music. At a certain point, neighbors complained and I'm not even sure what next summer will be all about.

3. Coit Tower
It might sound touristy, but have you ever walked up this thing? The view from the tower itself is a breathtaking panorama of the city. And if you walk there on the Barbary Coast Trail up Telegraph Hill, you might just come across some magical parrots who are 100 per cent up to no good, 24/7. Adorable little scoundrels.

4) South Park
I have only been to this beautiful park once, and it was the day I got brand new glasses with an upgraded prescription. Every thing around me was as crispy and tender as carnitas but clearer. It was quiet and breezy and slowly turned to dusk and then night times. I experienced a prolonged sense of clarity, which was further enhanced by my new super human vision. If you ever long for a NYC-like city park or European feeling in San Francisco, go here.

5. Secret Studios
This is the location of our humble practice space. I can't tell you where that is, because its a secret. I can say that this is where we work and play with sound and songs. In the winter, they like to blast cold air into our room, which we combat with warm clothes. Take that
winter air ventilation! We win. Some of the people that work there are hellsa grumpy. We win again. And for the hat trick of winning, we jam music-tunes like nobody’s business, though you're welcome to make it your business. Hope to see you soon.