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Wild Palms (London, UK)

The London-based avant-haired four piece making angular indie noise are not happy with Leona Lewis...

The London-based four piece making noisy angular wave are set to release their debut single 'Over Time' on Popular Recordings. Wild Palms, aka Darrell Hawkins, Lou Hill, Gareth Jones and James Parish are set to play Off Modern, White Heat and Koko this new year promising a bright future for the lads. Dazed speak to their singer Lou Hill before they delve back into their Gang of Four-esque reprises and some carpentry.

....your worst vice?
Booze. Well actually Samuel Smith pubs, in particular The Blue Posts. It's tucked away so its always quiet, it's also warm and comfortable, and obviously very cheap. Whenever I can I get in there on a saturday, take some books and notepads and spend the day in there slowly drinking until mates start to turn up. The thing about vices is that there usually really enjoyable aren't they. I'm quite happy living with my vices, my Nan always says 'a little bit of what you fancy does you good'. I go with that.
...the world coming to?
Well apparently, eventually, a barren wasteland devoid of any life whatsoever, but I don't like to think too far ahead, it's not healthy. I've got enough on my plate without worrying about the whole world, it can sort itself out.
.....your worst fashion secret?
My worst fashion secret? I've worn some awful stuff though, still am really. I went through a phase where I was buying the most horrible shirts known to man but I was just bored, everyone was walking around wearing black because of The Horrors so I just started wearing disgustingly patterned and coloured shirts. All types of wrong they were.
.....better, analog or digital?
They should be used together I think in regards to recording and production. There's enough going on that they can work in harmony but we still use an old 8-track that my uncle gave me years ago to record when were writing material; we just stick a couple of mics and hang them from the ceiling, record and then take the tape out and play in the car on the way back home: it's really useful to do that, using it as reference point. Songs evolve much quicker when you do that. the top of your shit list?
Leona Lewis. Fuck me she's boring. She's got about as much charisma as a brick, and at least they're useful. I mean honestly is there anything worse that Leona Lewis covering Snow Patrol?
.....are you listening to now?
Today I've been listening to Sigur Ros's new album, Radiohead's 'All Hail to the Thief', and a No wave compilation called New York Noise
....your ideal collaboration?
I'd quite like to work with Bjork. We've been thinking of doing a cover of 'Human Behaviour' actually.
DD: If you weren't making music what would you be doing?
Lou Hill: Writing and carpentry. Hopefully not in equal measure; more of the former and less of the latter please.