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Gold Blood

The frontman of The Chariots joins producer Michael Anthony Wright for electro-tinged pop music

Made up of The Chariots and The Good Wife frontman Emile Bojesen and producer Michael Anthony Wright, the London-based Gold Blood make the kind of electro-tinged, hardcore influenced pop music you both want to freak out to and listen to on a Sunday afternoon. A bit like if The Presets went to Nesh parties and listened to a whole lot of Black Flag. They’re also sporting the types of credentials heads go crazy for. A name born from Fushitsusha references, dropping their debut EP on Ali Renault’s Human Shield label early next year and being managed by Andy Blake in the wake of the now defunct Dissident Records, it seems 2010 is theirs to lose. Be ready, Gold Blood are coming.

Dazed Digital: So, what’s been going on?
Emile: Well, we spent the summer recording in a dilapidated old farmhouse on a small island in Denmark. The result of that expedition is our record, which is coming out on Human Shield in February. Now we're playing a few shows here and there and are right back onto writing.

DD: Would you call your project italo?
Emile: I don't know, I think we're a bit of an ugly chimera when it comes to definition. There are lots of different body parts to take into account. In some ways I think it’s too early to tell which will become the most prominent. We're in it for the long haul.
Michael: No I wouldn't call it italo. We have a lot of friends playing/making Italo and organising parties. This has informed my production style somewhat, but so has a lot of other stuff. I prefer to call our project synth music, synth pop even, but that term is already too loaded with connotations.      
DD: Have you got any new tracks or remixes dropping soon?
Michael: After our debut E.P. release in February there will be lots of new things coming. We're like a factory production line when we put our heads to it. In terms of remixes, not a lot actually. We're open to offers, especially if it will buy me some new shoes!  
DD: How did you hook up with Andy Blake?
Michael: I met Andy through Ali Renault, who runs Human Shield and is one half of Heartbreak. Consequentially, Andy released a couple of Brassica (my solo productions) on Dissident. One of the pieces called 'The Centre' features vocals by Emile, which was basically the birth of Gold Blood.    
DD: Five DJs/producers you’re liking right now?
Emile: I think for me it's more about singers and bands, so: Grace Jones, Death in June, Sleep Chamber, Groundwork and Killing Joke.
Michael: In terms of DJs - Bill Ambrose and Fonteyn. Producers - Serious Lover, J.R. Seaton and (band) Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come.

DD: Any last words?
Emile: A lot of people have helped us out recently, so thanks to them.

See Gold Blood’s visceral live show at the World Unknown secret warehouse party in Brixton on December 18th with Andy Blake and Joe Hart supporting.