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Reason or Romanza (London, UK)

Civil Music's latest signings release a quirky breed of twee electronica

Reason or Romanza are the latest signing to East London label Civil Music responsible for some excellent urban beats from Kotchy, Debuit and Drums of Death. This is a debut release for Reason or Romanza with a slightly different sound, compared to the label’s previous output, varying between twee electronica, minimal and guitar folk. This all makes for a beautiful journey that has caught our attention. We’re also expecting the remixes to be heard on a variety of dance floors this winter with remixes from Blue Daisy and Eero Johannes and a fair few more.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
I’ve got some really colourful trainers. I write electronic music that's put out on a decent label that's not up it's own arse or super-niche. Also, I’ve somehow managed to get some amazing artists to do remixes for me.
....your worst vice?
Biscuits. And girls.

…the story behind your name?
We spent a while coming up with the name because I like words and felt it was important. It's supposed to reflect the idea of the head versus the heart, and the electronic versus the organic. 'Romanza' is also a musical term for ‘a short instrumental piece’. So basically it’s dead clever.
....the world coming to?
There’s definitely some good people and good stuff out there, there’s just way more guff and nonsense that’s put in front of your nose which you have to actively avoid to get to it.

  ....your worst fashion secret?
This week I took receipt of my promotional Monster Munch T-Shirt which I saved up three packets and five pounds for.

  ....your favourite website?
Oh you know – the usual.
....better, analog or digital?
Either can be wonderful for sound production. For DJ’ing, digital has got to be the way forward. the top of your shit list?
Bad remixes. Right now there are really good producers remixing really shitty pop artists and doing a massively average job of it. It's completely pointless.
....are you listening to now?
Andrew Bird's album 'Noble Beast'. Sometimes it sounds like the Shins, sometimes like Radiohead. It’s nice. At the moment I’m working on an ambient mix for the Arctic Circle, so I’m listening to a whole bunch of artists on Leaf and Fennesz & Sakomoto. I’m also listening to a disco-y record by Blackbelt Andersen, and I’m feeling Starkey's remix of 'Got Yr Thing' by Drums of Death as well.
How would you describe your work?
Oh I always struggle with this. The press release says ‘Electronica without the pretentiousness and obligatory chin scratching, leaning towards the beats scene but straddling Mr Nathan Fake with only a pair of shorts on kinda thing.’ I quite like that.

The new single is available to buy online at Civil Music.