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Ay Ay Ay

From Paris to Argentina, Matias Aguayo is shifting the electronic music scene

Argentine electronic maestro Matias Aguayo has been making some serious waves of late. Based both in Buenos Aires and Vitry Sur Seine in the outskirts of Paris, the Cómeme record label boss has been pedaling his idiosyncratic throbbing, vocal licked, slow-mo party tracks to all and sundry. Known by heads for his live / DJ sets which see him add vocal accompaniments over the tracks, it was the funk tinged ode to all things groove-ridden with ‘Minimal’ in '08 that really put him on the radar. Awesome as it was, his new album "Ay Ay Ay" takes his characteristic sound of latin inspiration, such a indigenous music from Chile spliced with electronic tweaks into a whole new level. Uncategorizable latin electronic music. Trust me, Riva Starr this ain’t. We catch up with the trans-Atlantic man of music between flights…
Dazed Digital: How did you get into electronic music?
Matias Aguayo: When I was young, a DJ friend of my father used to record tapes for me with disco-funk and early rap. Later on I was more attracted by things like DAF or Liasons Dangereuses, but I think the pivotal moment may have been living in Cologne the 90s and what I heard there. Cologne’s interpretation of house music and the worshipping of DJ Pierre's wildpitch tracks...

DD: Are you really tired of Minimal?
Matias Aguayo: No, this song where I sing "basta ya de minimal" was more a fun thing. I mean I still like minimal as a strategy of how doing things, I like a good repetitive rhythm, something being "minimal" in the way it is made, but that can happen in any genre. I guess I don't like genres so much. In the end it becomes something where we are talking more about musical elements, being this kind of hi-hat or that kind of sound as a genre. That kind of thing is not so interesting for me, it makes music feel like a kind of cage.
DD: What are your inspirations, both within and outside music, right now?
Matias Aguayo: Everything is very connected these days, so I couldn't talk about within or outside, but doing streetparties has been a very inspiring thing. Not playing to normal audiences out in public has given me a lot of ideas for making music. Outside music I like to be able to speak with or to relate to very different people, and I want to be my music like that, too. The idea of how you relate to public space and occupying it in a different way is something that is very appealing to me. And also YouTube is a great inspiration for me, I found so many things there that wouldn't be accessible otherwise.

DD: What have you been working on?
Matias Aguayo: My release and working on the label "Cómeme" is what is taking most of time. As I live between Europe and South America, collaborating with people here and there, for both projects, I kind of feel more connected to both places at the same time not missing so much the one or the other. For example on the album I’ve been working with people like Vicente Sanfuentes from Chile or Marcus Rossknecht from Germany and the label combines Latin inspiration and fantasy with a very German administration. Something I’m very happy with.

DD: Any last words?
Matias Aguayo: I think it is very important to always encourage people in what they are doing, specially if they are trying to find their own ways of doing things. So at this moment I am heavily encouraging people who are starting to do music, or feel a bit uneasy with what they do. I think the most important is you enjoy music-making, that you feel relieved in the process.

Ay Ay Ay is released on Kompakt November 26th. Here’s the first single from the album ‘Rollerskate’.