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Duck Sauce & Surface2Air's Exclusive Video

Dazed Digital premieres Surface2Air's video for Duck Sauce's aNYway that pays tribute to Patrick Swayze.

For the debut on Dazed Digital, we spoke to A-Trak of his Duck Sauce collaboration with Armand Van Helden and Jeremie Rozan of Parisien-based boutique and creative studio Surface2Air about the making of their video for Duck Sauce's single 'aNYway' out on Data / Fool's Gold. Fusing a classic house banger soundtrack with romantic visuals, nothing will prepare you for a surprisingly trippy and amusing video.

Dazed Digital: Where did the name Duck Sauce come from?
A-Trak: It sounds cool and doesn't make much sense, which is how I choose basically all my names for projects. Also in this case, there's a classic New York connotation which Armand and I liked. In New York if you order Chinese take away food, it always comes with packets of duck sauce.

DD: How did the collaboration come about?
A-Trak: Armand and I have been friends for a little while, maybe close to 2 years. We usually just hang out at his place or go out to see our friends DJ, and then a couple months ago he suggested we make a few tracks together. That was it, very simple.

DD: What do you think about Surface2Air's video?
A-Trak: I love it! I picked them myself and stayed in close contact with Jeremie throughout the making. I hope people are into it.

Dazed Digital: Although nicely made, the video is a bit disturbing. Being such a lively party track, the idea of watching the intimate moments of a couple with a kiln seems somewhat unexpected. Why did you think the video fit around the song?
Jeremie Rozan: Shit, I was hoping nobody ever asked this question.

DD: Why Swayze?
Jeremie Rozan: We did not particularly think about Patrick Swayze. He passed away a week after we shot the clip and we really meant no harm to him.

DD: Assuming the song was originally centred on a 'NY' vibe, it seems to maintain a particularly 'French feel' to it, was this deliberate?
Jeremie Rozan: 'French feel'? I guess you say that because this man seems to know how to take a woman to unexpected places, right?

DD: Why did Surface2Air decide to take on a video for Duck Sauce?
Jeremie Rozan: Because we love all the Macklovitch's of this world.

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