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Soul From Marques Toliver

New York's classical soul artist Marques Toliver comes storming, violin in hand

The 22 year old violin wielding South Daytona born, New York resident classical soul artist Marques Toliver is something to behold. It’s not merely his provenance that sets him apart from a the slew of NYC soul artists – busking in Central Park and the L train -  or that TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone asked him to work on tracks after hearing him beguile the rather tough crowd of commuting New Yorkers. Nor is it the fact that the Kyp collabo subsequently resulted in him playing with the likes of Grizzly Bear, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Bat For Lashes and Holly Miranda. What does make him different is his ability to seamlessly blend of soul and RnB warmth with masterclass level classical leanings and his rather incredible ability to craft heart rending songs which soar and dip like melancholic birds of prey. Be certain, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this gem of a man in the near future.

Meet Marques Toliver.

Dazed Digital: Some have described your sound as ‘new school classical soul’, do you feel that’s a fair description?
Marques Toliver: Why thank you. I have spent the last decade studying classical music but at the same time I've been listening to Marvin Gaye,and Stevie Wonder and Destiny's Child.
DD: What have you learned from busking in New York?
Marques Toliver: I've learned how to connect with the audience and rely on my creativity in order to make some type of connection with those listening.
DD: There seems to be a new lease of life in New York musically at the moment.
Marques Toliver: So many musicians in New York. When I arrived I had the opportunity to work with quite a number of them. Kyp Malone, Holly Miranda, Scott Mathew, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Amazing Baby, and Grizzly Bear.
DD: How did you hook up with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson?
Marques Toliver: Busking in Williamsburg Kyp Malone heard me playing and asked me to come into the studio and record strings for a record. The record was for Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Shortly after Dave Siteck invited me into the studio to work on Holly Miranda's record. Fast forward to the present. I'm apart of these two bands and also working on my solo material.
DD: What’s next in the world of Marques Toliver?
Marques Toliver: Create a platform for my music. Travel to neighboring countries with my violin along with the songs I have in my head created.
DD: Is there an LP in the pipeline?
Marques Toliver: Always. There's nothing on itunes or anything yet though. I have CDs I sell, but you'll have to get it from me personally. Currently the music I have isn't funded by any labels, at the moment I'm relying on busking to get my solo material out to the music lovers.

Also touring with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson throughout October, Marques Toliver plays L.E.S/Newburgh Quarter cultural exchange Wish You Were Here Swap on Thursday October 8th and at the killer party Eightball at Liquid Nation with Wolf Cried Boy on Friday October 9th.