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Photography Jesse Kanda, styling Robbie Spencer

Listen to Björk’s eclectic, hour-long radio mix

The musician joins Thom Yorke, FKA twigs, and more in curating a new playlist for Sonos Radio

Björk has premiered a new, hour-long radio mix, comprising 21 years worth of music from her personal collection. Aptly titled 21 Years Worth Of Wave Files Liquidated Into A Stream, the playlist includes an eclectic mix of tracks that “saved her life”, from Jeremih, LFO, Aby Ngana Diop, Alim Qasimov, Smerz and more.

In an accompanying interview, Björk explains that she’s had the same laptop for 21 years, and continually builds playlists based on tracks she’s heard and gathered in digital form. In a statement posted to social media, she adds: “I am quite thrilled to have had a reason to go through 21 years of music-file collecting.”

“Since my first laptop I have been CD shopping, awkward cassette finding, vinyl searching in secret stores on my travels and gathered them all into a library of gorgeous wave-files. It was only a question of time before I would share them and then in yet another form: them clouds and streams.”

21 Years Worth Of Wave Files Liquidated Into A Stream is just the latest in a series of impressive guest mixes for Sonos Radio. Previous curators have included Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and FKA twigs, whose station – Main Squeeze – began streaming earlier this month. The Chemical Brothers’ Radio Chemical is set to debut March 2.

Listen to Björk’s interview, as well as the new hour-long radio mix, below.