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Miley Cyrus is making life decisions for people on TikTok
Via TikTok @de4dangel, @daniellemarcan, and @sourpatchdream

Miley Cyrus is making life decisions for people on TikTok

So far, she’s set up a marriage, approved tattoos, and forced E! News to change its Instagram bio

It’s been just over a week since Miley Cyrus released her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, and in that time, she appears to have transitioned from popstar to life coach. The singer is being tasked with making life decisions for people on TikTok, who keep promising to do certain things “if Miley comments”.

Dancing to the tune of Cyrus’ “Plastic Hearts” or the Dua Lipa-featuring “Prisoner”, users are committing to everything from tattoos and haircuts right through to marriage, and Cyrus is seeing it all. 

One video posted by @de4dangel saw a young couple kissing, with the caption: “If Miley Cyrus comments, we will get married”. In the replies, Cyrus wrote: “Hope it goes better for you two than it did for me.”

Another, less life-altering decision, was made by Cryus on a video posted by make-up artist Danielle Marcan, who promised to get the singer’s haircut if she commented. Cyrus simply responded with a haircut emoji.

Cyrus also encouraged someone to pierce their nipple and nose and dye their hair half black, chose an unborn baby’s name, and told a girl to tell her crush she likes him.

One clip even saw Cyrus suggest a date with a user who said she would “get whatever tattoo (Miley) says”. The singer commented, “How about the time and place of our first date?”, but deleted her reply after another user duetted the video and claimed her boyfriend had cheated with the girl in it.

The best one, however, has come via Instagram, where E! News promised to change its Instagram bio to “whatever (Miley) wants”. The singer responded with the suggestion, “We’re sorry for all the sh*t we said about Miley Cyrus”, and E! News has obliged. 

When asked why she was spending her time replying to fans’ videos on TikTok, Cyrus simply explained: “QUARANTINE.” Fair enough.

Until Cyrus makes a life changing decision for you, look back at Dazed’s op-ed about how the singer became pop’s biggest maverick, and see some of her TikTok comments below.


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