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HAIM, Canter’s
Photo Grant Spanier, via Instagram/@haimtheband

HAIM are embarking on a tour of US delis

The Deli Tour comes ahead of the band’s new album, Women in Music Pt.III, but looks back to their first show

HAIM are touring American delis, a tour that will also serve as a nostalgia trip, looking back to their first ever show in 2000, at Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles. The tour – announced March 9 on social media – also looks forward however, to the band’s new record, Women in Music Pt.III.

“Let’s all get together and eat some matzo ball soup and we’ll play you some songs live,” the post reads. “Maybe some new ones??”

The Deli Tour takes the band to undisclosed delis in five cities: NYC, Washington DC, Denver, Chicago, and LA. Beginning today (March 10), it will land in DC March 11 and Chicago March 13. Dates in Denver and LA are TBC.

Fans can sign up for a chance to see them via an online form.

So far this year, HAIM have revealed a track titled “The Steps” from the new album. Last year, they released a trio of songs – “Hallelujah”, “Summer Girl”, and “Now I’m In It” – all of which will feature as bonus tracks.