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Casey Spooner
courtesy of Instagram/@caseyspooner

Casey Spooner accuses Madonna of not crediting his songwriting

The former Fischerspooner member says getting compensation for his work on ‘God Control’ has been ‘an endless nightmare of lawyers and waiting’

The music industry is a mess – who knew? In the past couple of years we’ve seen a slew of claims against major artists, ranging from Lady Gaga to Lil Nas X and Cardi B. Some cases are stronger than others though, and Casey Spooner – of the recently-broken-up electroclash duo Fischerspooner – appears to be taking his claim against Madonna very seriously.

In an Instagram post shared yesterday (November 23) Spooner writes, “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH,” before claiming to have received “no credit and no compensation” for his work on “God Control”, the third track on Madonna’s most recent album, Madame X.

Spooner apparently thought he was working on a track for the subsequently-abandoned solo album of the producer Mirwais back in December 2017, and was surprised to hear his work reappear on Madame X (which Mirwais produced).

According to the post, Spooner’s been working to right the situation for five months, but has only been offered £10,000 and 15% writing credit in response. “It’s been an endless nightmare of lawyers and waiting and more emails.....and for what?! 10K?” he adds. “I should be getting paid a percentage of the live show. There is no money in record sales. Period. Not even for Madonna. I’ve seen the numbers.”

“I think 1% of touring profits will cover my contribution and damages. I mean, it is the opening number in the show.”

In a subsequent post, Spooner also shares an audio clip, captioned: “my demo GOD CONTROL.” Listen for yourself below.

No clear resolution seems forthcoming just yet.