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Asap Rocky
courtesy of Instagram/@asaprocky

An A$AP Rocky fan threatens the Swedish embassy and gets arrested

Allegedly damaging furniture and threatening to blow the embassy up

As you’re probably aware, A$AP Rocky has been detained by Swedish authorities since June 30 due to video showing him and his crew fighting with another group of men in Stockholm. The rapper countered his arrest by claiming he was acting in self defence (and providing video evidence) and many people have signed petitions for his release, joining the #JusticeForRocky campaign, demanding that he’s released from what has been described as horrendous conditions in his prison cell.

One fan, however, has taken it beyond just signing the petition. The woman in question entered the Swedish embassy in Washington D.C. and allegedly began kicking over furniture and screaming at workers in the embassy. She is also reported to have threatened to “blow this motherfucker up”.

The fan has been charged with two counts of unlawful entry and willfully damaging property of a foreign government.

Other names that have been involved with the #JusticeForRocky campaign include Tyler, the Creator, Nicki Minaj, and Naomi Campbell. Kim and Kanye also took the issue to Donald Trump, who got in touch with the Swedish PM Stefan Löfven.

On July 25 Rocky was officially charged with assault.