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Limonious: Master of Skweee

The originator of Scandinavian conflict RnB and leader of Flogsta Danshall

Do you love Skweee? Scandinavian conflict RnB. The Swedes and Fins getting their swagger on and busting out machine G-Funk with 8bit synths and bags of bass. A bit wonky, a bit funky... named after the fact that veteran Swedish producer Daniel Savio (Kool DJ Dust) wanted to squeeze as much music out of his limited equipment. Together with Limonious, the duo kick started this whole Skweee game, with Limonious’ label Flogsta Danshall the haven for “retarded funkiness”. Check the mix of unreleased upcoming Flogsta beats Limonious so kindly made for Dazed Digital below. The master of Skweee descends on the UK at Glasgow’s ball breaking Ballers Social Club on Saturday 29th August. 

Dazed Digital: Where were you pre-Skweee?
Limonious: In Stockholm making some kind of dancehall Kraut music.

DD: Let’s talk about that Scandinavian funk and swagger.
Limonious: The mentality here is a bit like - everything I do really sucks, but everyone else suck too and life sucks... so I might as well just keep on doing this crap anyway. And then suddenly some of your crap turns out really nice, and you get really happy for a short, short while. It might be that the self-loathing creates that different swagger.

DD: “Scandinavian conflict RnB” is an amazing description of Skweee.
Limonious: Yes, there is already a conflict between being Scandinvian and trying to make RnB. In the 60’s there was a Swedish musician named Yngve Stoor, who made dozens of records with Hawaiian music, without ever going to Hawaii. When he finally got to go there he never picked up his ukulele again. It lost its magic.

DD: So how long have you and Daniel Savio been friends?
Limonious: Since 2001 when he played live in my flat with his former band Hundarna Från Söder.

DD: Can you introduce the Flogsta Danshall label?
Limonious: Trying to find music makers with a a defined and personal sound with a feeling of simple, retarded funkiness.

DD: What’s next for this year with the label?
Limonious: Twos records coming out next month, one with Randy Barracuda and one with
Rigas den Andre and then hopefully I will release my own album before Christmas.

DD: Is this the year of the Skweee?
Limonious: I thought so for a while... but maybe 2011?

Check out the exclusive Flogsta Danshall Mini-mix for Dazed Digital, featuring:
Limonious “101001”
Rigas den Andre “Beat For Me”
Randy Barracuda “Ketamine Strut”