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Prince performing in 2004
Prince performing in 2004courtesy of Instagram/@prince

Prince fans are remembering the singer three years on from his death

Today is the third anniversary of the music icon’s passing

Three years on from Prince’s death at 57, at his Minnesota studio, it’s still easy to see what a massive impact he made on music and wider culture. The singer – who reportedly died from an accidental opioid overdose – broke out in the 70s and achieved stardom with his 1984 film and soundtrack Purple Rain.

Given his revolutionary treatment of sexuality and his musical brilliance, it’s not hard to see how Prince gained such a dedicated fanbase, and he maintained it right up until he passed away.

Now fans are taking to social media to remember the singer with heartfelt messages.

Posters are also sharing Prince imagery, commemorating his distinctive look, shows, and iconography.

And videos of his performances, which can only capture a little of his famous stage presence.

A long message on a London Underground board also remembers the singer, through a variety of song titles from a back catalogue of hits.