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Still from J Hus’s “Spirit”

J Hus addresses his appearance onstage with Drake

Alongside a video diary showing his release from prison the same day

J Hus’s appearance onstage at Drake’s O2 show on Friday night was big news, not least because it served to reveal his early release from prison, where he was serving an eight-month sentence.

Yesterday afternoon, the afroswing rapper reflected on the night on Twitter, and gave a bit more insight into his journey from prison to the O2 stage, all within 24 hours. “Last night was mad,” he writes. “Beh love to all my fans, friends and family. Been seeing all the support while I was away. Trust me I appreciate you all.”

Hus also includes a shoutout to Drake in the tweet – which is only fair – and concludes: “The Farda is back!!”

An accompanying video shows J Hus being reunited with friends upon his release – just “hours earlier” than embracing Drake onstage – and then the performance itself, with just enough time for a fresh trim in between.