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Put on your 3-D glasses and check it out...

dEbruit Beats

The Parisian beat creator goes 3D with Sa-Ra and 215: The Freshest Kidz in tow.

Dazed paves the way for more Another Dimension 3D business, this time from the new wave, squelchy hip hop producer dEbruit aka Xavier Thomas. Get your glasses on and check the above artwork for his new record “Let’s Post Funk”. When he first appeared out of Paris with the rest of the Musique Large records crew (including playboy MPC destroyer Fulgeance and label head Rekick), they were smacking this bass heavy rap vibe just ripe. Now back with more machine gun funk, dEbruit’s latest features a collaboration with Om’Mas Keith from the mystical Sa-Ra. Make sure you check out the blatant upcoming stars Cerebral Vortex and Buddy Leezle aka 215:The Freshest Kidz on the b-side ‘Soles Sweat’. The young US duo ripped up Rustie’s “Cafe De Phresh” EP and do the same peachy thing here. 

Dazed Digital: Please introduce yourself?
dEbruit: Hello, I'm the French ouest côte music maker, meat baker, synth breeder.

DD: What does London do better than Paris?
dEbruit: London does better club nights and has a more curious crowd. Paris has nice boulangeries. But I'll notice more stuff soon as I'm gonna swim the Channel to come and live in London in September. I suppose I'll miss grabbing my baguette every morning with my beret on and my onion necklace while singing ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Edith Piaf.

DD: How about the coffee?
dEbruit: English coffee? Never heard about this. I only tasted Italian coffee made by shiny, supernatural haired British girls. It's great! With a shampoo aftertaste.

DD: Let’s talk about 3D?
dEbruit: It's a "chef d'oeuvre" (masterpiece) by my friend Markus from Rainbowmonkey, one of my favorite designers. Clever, trippin’, fun, with a history. There is also a superb 3D video he made. Check it here.

DD: With the new Dazed issue theme, what other dimension would you live in?
dEbruit: Dimension seaside! With extra Lebanese food where everybody speaks Breton, the language of my ancestors in Brittany. We party on a 1000 styles of good music, all that powered with free drinks.

DD: Did you ever watch “Quantum Leap”?
dEbruit: No I don't have a clue of what it is, sorry.

DD: How was it working with Om’Mas?
dEbruit: It was fast, inspiring, fun and motivating to see he was excited and very positive about my music.

DD: Did Om’Mas slip you any Sa-Ra exclusives?
dEbruit: No! Om’Mas is far too professionnal to do such a thing.

DD: What’s new with Musique Large?
dEbruit: The crew is on tour! We have more dates together and I can tell you that it BANGS when the three of us (me, Fulgeance and Rekick) are in the place. Me and Fulgeance joined some British gangs for releasing our fire, Civil Music for me and One Handed for Fufu. You can compare it to a mercato (mid-season transfer window) in football  where we still play for both our old and new teams.

dEbruit “Let’s Post Funk” EP is out now on Civil Music.