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ColouringIN On The Rise

London five-piece talk of scouring the galaxies, scattering polychromatic light and the mysticism of writing an album, all in a day's work.

Flamboyant London based five-piece ColouringIN is one of those rare bands that tick all the relevant ‘electronic pop for the floors’ boxes whilst transcending the cynicism that comes with it.That’s right, WhoMadeWho they ain’t.

Consisting of house producer, and LoveMinusZero head Tom Neville on beats (tick) and girl magnet and operatic wunderkind frontman Henry Bennett on vocal duties (tick) they produce a kind of cosmic pop that’s part Hot Chip, part Depeche Mode with elements of Kelley Polar Quartet and New York dream team New Look thrown in for good measure. Plus a live show that’s throws in a cello, four synths and a trumpet and a look that’s all ‘the flip side of NYPC’, these kids get more ticks than Solange at a bashment rave. Already sidled together with the rising stars Crystal Fighters (check the Robot Restroom Remix video) an upcoming single released by former stable of Friendly Fires and Plugs, People In The Sky, and not to mention having torn up both the Big Chill and Field Day festivals, ColouringIN on most certainly on the rise.

We fade to colour (and read between the lines) with East London rapscallion Henry Bennett.
Dazed Digital: How’s it going?
Henry Bennett: Altogether mixed since being burgled last week. On the one hand I feel liberated of my unworthy worldly possessions, yet on the other slightly aggrieved at having inadvertently donated a grand’s worth of kit to the charitable fund for heroin users.

DD: How did you guys get together?
Henry Bennett: I surveyed the galaxies looking for the brightest stars. I work with my very own solar system.

DD: Are you still working in opera outside of this project?
Henry Bennett: I recently played the lead in Mozart’s ‘Le Nozze di Figaro’. Confusingly enough, despite the libretto being in Italian and the original story in French my character Figaro is a Spanish barber who devises a plot to put a stop to his Lords lustful perversions over his wife to be. The whole thing turns into a comedy of errors brought about by a series of cases of mistaken identity… that and a cross-dressing pageboy who is played by a girl! Classic.

DD: Who would you share a bill with in an ideal world?
Henry Bennett: Herbie Hancock circa 1980.

DD: How’s the album going?
Henry Bennett: Writing an album is like reading The Neverending Story. In order to defeat the Nothing you are flown by a luckdragon to various locations in Fantastica. In the end you defeat the Nothing by rationalizing your humanistic greed for power, saving the life and falling in love with the Childlike Empress in the process. “Reach the stars, fly a fantasy; Dream a dream and what you see will be.”

DD: What should we expect?
Henry Bennett: Perfectly formed speckles of polychromatic light scattered over an infinite icon representing all the joy in the universe.

DD: Any last words?
Henry Bennett: We fade to colour.

ColouringIN will be playing We.Are.A.Fever. at Hoxton Pony on Wednesday August 12th.