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DJ SUAT’s livestream from outside Parliament
DJ SUAT’s livestream from outside Parliament during the Brexit vote

This DJ livestreamed a house set from Parliament during the Brexit vote

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Last night, January 15, Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted down by MPs in the biggest government defeat in modern history. Anti-Brexit campaigners gathered outside Parliament cheered when they heard the news, which many see as taking us one step closer to a second referendum. Meanwhile, behind the protesters, a party was starting. Having set up his own decks outside Parliament, a DJ livestreamed a set of solid house and techno to an audience of 145,000 on Facebook.  

Brighton-based DJ SUAT is known for pulling this kind of stunt. In May 2018, he performed a live set outside the Oxted Community Hall polling station in Surrey during the local elections. However, he doesn’t seem to have any political affiliations. As he shouts out on the livestream, “Having an absolute whale of a time at Parliament guys, come on down. Tag a Brexit lover. Tag a Brexit hater!”

He told Surrey Live in 2018 that his motivation for these political livestreams is to fight the negative perception people may have of house and techno raves. “People just seem to associate house, techno and electronic music as the underground, that's only listened by young people or people on drugs,” he said. “That stereotype of the underground is what I'm trying to get rid of. I'm trying to get people to realise it's just good music and for them to love it like I do. It makes a difference when you see an older person like a 70-year-old who would never listen to it come up and say that it sounds good or nodding their head to it.”

British parliamentary procedure is pretty difficult to follow right now – there’s no telling what will happen if Theresa May loses the no confidence vote against her, nor if we crash out of the EU with no deal, and who the fuck knows what the deal was with that guy grabbing the mace? For all we know, this DJ SUAT guy could be prime minister in a few weeks. At least his tunes and gleeful dance moves are making the whole mess a little more bearable.