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David Shrigley Playlist

As part of the Rizla Invisible Players tour, the artist took to the decks in the musical van at Lovebox and here he talks us through his tracks.

Is there anything that David Shrigley can't do? Drawings, music, sculptures and photographs are all things he is well known for and now he has taken to the decks as a DJ on the Rizla Invisible Players tour. At this years Lovebox, the renowned artist hopped onto the 1920s Rizla Musical Van to spin tunes to a receptive east London crowd and here he talks us through his top ten DJing tracks. This playlist is, as you would expect, offbeat and a bit wonky taking in ukulele ditties, Ethiopian jazz, NYC punk and opera. The tour will continue at Big Chill and Bestival (look out for the Rizla arena) and there's parties planned for Glasgow, Leeds and London.

1. Tiptoe Through The Tulips With Me- Tiny Tim
I remember this from my youth. Perhaps Terry Wogan used to play it on Radio 2 in the 1970's. Found my copy in Oxfam.

2. Calling On- The Memory Band
From their first EP. Definitely the best track they have done. Super laid-back beat for lunchtime DJing.

3. Wreck My Flow- The Dirtbombs
I love The Dirtbombs. Doesn't everyone? The kind of band you could take your uncool brother-in law to see and he would think they were great.

4. Blitzkreig Pop- The Ramones
Apparently Joey R. was a republican. If he was still alive he would probably still be a republican.

5. Speedy Sonda Part 6- Oren Marshall
They recommend an awful lot of shite in The Wire magazine but you have to sift through it to find the gold. Possibly the most interesting trombone record ever.

6. Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie- Roberto de Simone
I don't normally dig opera. But there are always exceptions...

7. Mountain- The Fall
Praise be to the toothless god.

8. War Is Dead- David Pajo
He used to be in Slint. People tend to forget that.

9. The Ex With Gétatchèw Mèkurya & Guests- Ethiopia Hagere
What do you get if you get and Ethiopian Jazz sax player to make a record with a Dutch Punk band? This...

10. The Thing- Have Love Will Travel
Don't know much about this lot. Found it on a Rough Trade compilation. I played it after The Ex With Gétatchèw Mèkurya because it has a sax in it. It seemed like a good enough reason...

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