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Frank Ocean and Travis Scott have settled their alleged feud

After reports of a request to remove Frank Ocean from Astroworld

Yesterday morning, TMZ reported that Frank Ocean and Travis Scott were “at each other’s throats” about “Carousel”, a track featuring Ocean on Travis Scott’s Astroworld. Apparently, Frank Ocean’s legal team issued a cease and desist to Travis Scott, demanding the former’s removal from the track because his vocals had been manipulated.

Since then, though, Frank Ocean has put out a statement to confirm that the beef was overblown. Writing on Tumblr, he says that the dispute wasn’t about the music and adds: “Me and Travis resolved it amongst ourselves weeks ago.”

“I think the song sounds cool,” the singer also writes. “I did it in like 20 minutes and the mix sounds the way Travis wanted it to sound for his record. I also approved it before it came out so the cease and desist wasn’t about 🔊 it was about 🏳️‍🌈.”

Travis Scott has also taken to Instagram to play down the controversy, posting a picture of a Frank Ocean t-shirt with the caption: “Someone I call family and always will.”

What Frank Ocean was referring to with the rainbow flag emoji is unclear, though Travis Scott did come up against some controversy around Astroworld’s release, surrounding the removal of trans model Amanda Lepore from a version of his David LaChapelle-designed album cover.