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Watch the trippy video for Gorillaz’s ‘Tranz’, their first ‘live’ video

It’s one big psychedelic ride

Gorillaz have dropped a psychedelic new video for a track from their latest album, The Now Now.

“Tranz” sees the animated outfit play on stage together properly for the first time ‘live’. The shots are vibey and kaleidoscopic – trippy looking mushrooms sprout and light bursts from 2D’s eyes before things dissolve into a wild acid trip, and the group moves through the synthy dance-rock song.

Ace takes over from original bandmember Murdoc – purportedly in prison having been framed by a crime lord for smuggling – on the bass. The new character was introduced as a stand-in back in June for their “Humility” video. The visual has been directed by Gorillaz visual artist Jamie Hewlett and Nicos Livesey.

Gorillaz have been on tour promoting The Now Now, which includes their own Demon Dayz festival in LA.

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