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Rina Sawayama
Rina SawayamaCourtesy of publicist

If you’re scared of going to a concert alone, Rina Sawayama has a solution

The rising pop star has devised a simple system for fans to link up

Going to a gig by yourself can be quite an intimidating experience. What do you do in the lull between acts? What level of phone use is acceptable? (Instagram and texting feels fine, checking emails or reading an article somehow feels weird??) Sometimes, the pressure of being there alone can put you off going altogether – which is a shame, because solo gig-going is actually quite a liberating feeling.

Thankfully, Rina Sawayama has come up with a solution for anyone whose mates just don’t share the same enthusiasm for an artist as you do. As The FADER note, the pop singer has devised a wristband system so that members of her fandom – who call themselves ‘Pixels’ – can link up if they’re travelling alone.

“I know it can be intimidating to go to shows alone so I made wristbands for u,” Sawayama wrote on Twitter. “If you’re coming alone, collect your free wristbands at the venue (or at the queue) and if you see any fellow Pixels wearing them say hi.”

Check out her tweet below.