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Drake Scorpion collage on Instagram

The internet has a strong reaction to Drake confirming he has a son

Both ‘Emotionless’ and ‘March 14’ have left fans feeling some type of way

Friday, June 29, marked the release date of Drake’s fifth studio album, Scorpion. The project has been teased for a while now, with billboards appearing in Toronto heralding its release a mere week before the album hit streaming platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

As fans suspected thanks to those billboards, Scorpion is a double album packed with 25 tracks and clocking in as one hour and 30 minutes. It’s Drake’s biggest undertaking to date, giving us an artist who is very in touch with his emotions right now and who’s not afraid to get real about some of the difficult headspaces he’s been occupying. That includes talking about the biggest bombshell, the confirmation that he has a son which he discussed on the tracks “Emotionless” and “March 14”. While there have been rumors that Drake fathered a child and was keeping it quiet for quite some time, these two tracks left listeners gobsmacked — mostly because we weren't expecting Drake to actually confirm it.

On “Emotionless”, Drake's lyrics about why he didn't speak about his son quickly became one of the most quoted lyrics in fan reactions: “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid / Breaking news in my life I don’t run to the blogs / The only ones I want to tell are in my phone I can call / They always ask, ‘Why let it run if it’s false?’ / You know a wise man once said nothing at all.”

Nor did we expect Drake to get so candid on “March 14” about the fact that he hasn't seen his son that much since he was born on 11 October 2017: “I got a empty crib in my empty crib/I only met you one time, introduced you to Saint Nick/He must’ve brought you like 20 gifts/Your mother saying you growing so fast that they don’t really fit but, man, you know/I still had to get it for my boy tho/Sorry, I’m venting trying to cover ground,”

Scorpion saw Drake getting very honest about the highs and lows (but mostly the lows, in his case) of fatherhood and fans reacted accordingly. Latching onto some of the most intense lyrics about his experiences, tweets dissecting the meaning behind them and applying them to the culture at large popped up everywhere on Friday.

Here are just some of those reactions: