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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are giving away free tour tickets to charitable people

Good news for broke-but-kind stans

When Beyoncé and Jay-Z announced they were going on the run, again, fans were understandably excited – until they saw the price. Some tickets were being sold for up to $1000.

However, the Beygood foundation has responded with a scheme that allows fans to swap charitable acts with either The Prince’s Trust or Global Citizen for tickets.

“The united efforts of BeyGOOD/DoGood, along with our amazing partners The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen, are calling upon you to lift your voices, lend your hands and share your creativity as active and positive forces for doing good,” said Ivy McGregor, Director of Philanthropy (BeyGOOD) and Corporate Relations for Parkwood Entertainment.

“Wherever you are and whatever skills, talents and resources you possess, are of value to others in your community, country and across the globe.”

In a statement released yesterday by the Prince’s Trust charity the initiative will encourage fans to “do good” and donate some time to work with young people in need.

As well as an online sign-up section to win a pair of tickets, an auction has also been launched for a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to the OTR ll stadium tour in the UK and Europe in select markets.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s second joint tour ‘OTR II’ tour will kick off in Cardiff this Wednesday, before heading across the UK.