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Dounia - So Cool video

Watch Dounia’s goth girl-inspired new video, directed by Barbie Ferreira

‘So Cool’ is the directorial debut from Barbie, for the song Dounia and all her friends couldn’t stop jamming

Dounia is an established social media star thanks to her outspokenness on body positivity and an array of social issues, but recently she’s also been embarking on a music career. Last year we spoke to the NYC singer about making music with relatable lyrics and the realest voice, and today she’s released a music video for “So Cool”, which comes directed by model Barbie Ferreira.

“‘So Cool’ generally is an outside perspective on an actual cool girl tryna conform to the idea of whatever ‘cool’ is to someone who’s prolly… less cool,” Dounia explains of the song. “I’m around a lot of fire funny ass supermodels and a lot of mediocre men and I see this dynamic play out a lot, so I was definitely directly inspired. It starts off as a narration, ‘She want validation, way to your place,’ and ends up trailing into an introduction almost, ‘Why don’t I give you a welcome tour? I got my brain right here – I got my heart next door.’

When Dounia and Ferreira decided to make a video for one of her tracks, “So Cool” was an obvious choice. “That was the song our friend group currently had on repeat and just generally the mood of the moment,” Dounia says. It was shot in Connecticut in the snow, and took inspiration from cult 90s films.

“Watching Jawbreaker, the eeriness and quirkiness of lines like ‘Forbidden fruit, call me eve if you please / Ain’t your fountain of youth though, I’m drained to say the least,’ popped up and established the ambience of the visual,” says Dounia. “The girls in it were immediately cast in my head. God bless being friends with thick baddies that love you enough to spend two days in the middle of Connecticut in the snow.”

“The general vision for it was heavily inspired by 90s goth girl cult classics,” adds Barbie Ferreira. “What’s funny is that the snow was completely unexpected but ended up making the entire video magical.” The video was Ferreira’s directorial debut, an experience she says would’ve been more intimidating had she not had the right team behind me. “From MUA to cast to the DP, everyone was someone I admired and they were such troopers through the hecticness of it all,” she says.

“It was honestly such an exciting experience watching people who are not you execute a vision for you,” adds Dounia. “I’ve handmade my other videos from start to finish and all the nooks in between, so having other people rush and direct – and stress out about what’s essentially my product – was amazing. Also difficult, of course, learning to genuinely collaborate while being the type of annoyingly meticulous person I am.”