Marilyn Manson accused of sexual harassment and racism by actress

He allegedly called her a ‘china man’

As Manson faces xx, on Friday evening an actress took to Twitter to accuse the singer of sexual harassment and racism.

Charlyne Yi, an actor who played series regular Dr. Chi Park in the US medical drama House between 2011 and 2012, said on Twitter that Manson had arranged a set visit because he was a fan of the show.

She alleged that he “harassed just about every woman” and asked them if they were going to perform sexual acts as well as calling her a “China man”.

Manson controversially spoke out about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry in December in relation to his ex-girlfriend Rose McGowan.

The singer said he didn't want the “artistic element of Hollywood” to be “ruined” by allegations.

He went on: “There’s serious allegations, and they’re always allegations of course, but when someone starts complaining about something that happened that seems a little bit not as serious as really sexual assault, I think that’s insulting to people that have been sexually assaulted.”

He added: “I just disagree with the entire snowball effect that’s happened that could ruin a lot of people’s lives that don’t need to be ruined.”

At the end of October 2017 Manson fired his bassist Twiggy Ramirez after a rape allegation.