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Lana Del Rey - spring/summer 2017
Lana wears ostrich feather jacket Marques’ Almeida, embellished bikini top Miu Miu, teardrop earring Found and VisionPhotography Charlotte Wales, styling Robbie Spencer

Lana Del Rey says she’s writing a musical

But don’t expect to see it for a couple of years

Lana Del Rey recently appeared in L’Officiel, answering questions from famous fans like Grimes, Courtney Love, and Kim Kardashian West, as well as a handful of fan submissions. During the interview, she revealed that she was working on a Broadway musical – but don’t expect to see it any time soon.

When asked by one of her fans, Toni, if she’d ever considered writing and directing a film, Del Rey responded by saying, “I thought about writing a biopic about someone that wasn’t real. Actually, I was asked to write a musical, which I’ve started. It was for Broadway. I may finish in two or three years. Me and Rick (Nowells, Del Rey’s songwriting partner) have written something, so we’ll see.”

Del Rey also revealed that if she was ever the subject of a biopic herself, she’d like it to be directed by Baz Luhrmann. “I’m thinking a big picture here, because I love Baz Luhrmann,” she said. “Not sure who would play me though.”