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You can live in Rihanna’s compound for just $16,500 per month

Almost as much as a two-bed in London, am I right?

Do you shell out over a third of your wages every month in rent? Do you occupy a converted cupboard in a dank flat? Is there a line of ants crawling up your kitchen wall right now? If the answer to these questions is an exasperated ‘Yes!’, then it might be time to find a new place to live – and as luck would have it, there’s a beautiful new property on the market with a landlord who won’t take a week to fix the heating.

According to Variety, Rihanna is renting out a house she owns in Los Angeles. Admittedly rent will set you back $16,500 a month, but it’s a price worth paying because a) you’d have Rihanna as your landlord, and b) it seems like quite a nice place to live.

The Spanish-style compound in West Hollywood is 2,886 square feet, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a four-car driveway, a pool, outdoor dining, and a ‘cabana area’ (which I, as someone who grew up in a northern English town, have never heard of, but which is presumably something that makes sense to wealthy Hollywood types). There’s also a pretty big guest house which is in itself probably fancier than anywhere you’ll ever live.

Rihanna reportedly bought the house for $2.75 million in August last year before putting it back on the market at $2.85 million a few months later.

Check out a handful of photos below and see the full property on Compass.