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room for rebellion

Party in London to support Irish women’s abortion rights

Room for Rebellion is an electronic music night dedicated to dancing for body autonomy

2017 has been a progressive year for people’s reproductive rights in Northern Ireland and Ireland, where abortion is heavily restricted. Thanks to work by activists London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign and Labour MP Stella Creasy, women from NI were given free access to abortion services on the NHS in England, with Scotland announcing the same thing just this week. Ireland also announced a referendum on repealing the law restricting abortion for 2018.

But we’ve still got miles to go before people in Ireland have their full right to choose. Irish and Northern Irish women still have to travel across the water to access vital healthcare: 11 a day. There are currently active cases in the court against those who have used illegal but safe abortion pills, where they face horrifying prison sentences and fines. People have died when refused what should be an automatic right.

Room for Rebellion, sprung from LIARC and founder Isis O’Regan, Jess Brien, Hollie Boston and Anna Cafolla (this writer!), is a London, Belfast and Dublin-based club night in support of Abortion Support Network. Now in its third instalment, the next night is this evening (Friday November 10) at The Yard, Hackney.

Abortion Support Network is a small but hugely important charity, run by Mara Clarke, which provides financial assistance for women and pregnant people to travel and stay where they can access abortion services.

Room for Rebellion tell Dazed that “it is time to remove the restrains of the church and the patriarchy from our bodies”.

Tonight’s club welcomes LuckyMe label mainstay and NTS resident Eclair Fifi, Rhythm Section and NTS’ ANU and Livin’ Proof’s LORA, providing the tunes alongside R4R’s resident DJs.

So stay angry about the lack of repro rights and let it all out dancing tonight!

You can get more information on Room for Rebellion’s night here, and if you’re unable to make it to the night but still want to support women’s right to choose, donate here