This new Lady Gaga waxwork is bad and disturbing

Mother monster has arrived

A wax figure of Lady Gaga has been unveiled at an exhibition in Lima, Peru, and it is genuinely disturbing – real American Horror Story vibes.

Over the years, there’s been some questionable artistic takes on Gaga, as well as other musicians cast in wax, from Britney to Beyonce and Jared Leto. This waxwork places Gaga in her 2010 VMAs meat dress era.

There’s no word on where exactly this version of Mother Monster has been set, as Gay Times originally reported, but the internet has voiced its shock and horror.

“It’s a wax sculpture of an alien cockroach that murdered Lady Gaga and is wearing her skin,” one user tweeted.

As Jezebel reports, some blogs have dug up more interesting wax creations that took a lot of liberty with reality from the same museum: a middle-aged Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, a Whenever, Wherever, Whaaatever Shakira and Marilyn Monroe after some face steamrollering.