Lorde teases some haunting new music

The singer posted a brief snippet of vocals on Twitter

Lorde has just rounded off a stellar UK tour and now – a lovely little surprised – has shared a brief snippet of a never-before-heard song on Twitter.

The musician first tweeted: “Will u love me? Will u?” before later sharing a clip of the tune. “I just want your love, I just want your heartbreaking love,” she sings. It’s got a very Melodrama vibe – feeding off of “Hard Feelings / Loveless” and “The Louvre” – so maybe she’s hinting at the deluxe release of her studio album? Or, new music entirely.

In a recent podcast interview with WTF, Lorde talked about the production on her second studio album. “In my last record, I had literally not one real instrument. I think it’s magical. I come from a culture of no one having any instruments. Sounds come from computers. There’s something communist about it.”

Listen to Lorde’s brief song below.