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Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco shares trippy VR video for ‘This Old Dog’

See the world through Mac’s eyes – where he floats through space on the nose of a pug, obviously

What goes through Mac DeMarco’s mind? Well, we know for sure that it plays out in old school CGI and psychedelic 90s video game graphics. The musician has dropped a video for track “This Old Dog”, a virtual reality visual that sees Mac travel through space on the nose of a pug. It’s very, very Mac.

Created by multimedia artist Rachel Rossin with Pitchfork and Inception VR, the video can be viewed with VR headsets on YouTube, iOS and Android.

“We got a lotta baloney in there, in the best possible way,” DeMarco told Pitchfork. The video sees Mac orbit space, icebergs, oceans and the sky on the nose of a pug, and it’s both childlike and totally psychedelic.

Speaking of his creative collaboration with Rossin, he detailed that their mutual love with the Star Wars franchise’s hated Gungan character Jar Jar Binks. “When you get on the phone with someone and within the first two minutes you realize you both have an appreciation for Jar Jar, it seems like smooth sailing from there on out,” he said.

It’s the second video for the tune from the album of the same name, his third LP: the first visual dropped back in March, and of course it was equally as weird. People in dog masks wandered around Los Angeles, and Mac at the time gave the synopsis to film A Dog’s Purpose – which was hit with animal cruelty allegations – when describing it.

Watch the video below.