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Twin Peaks Red Room
Laura Palmer and Agent Dale Cooper in the original red room

Flying Lotus has remixed the Twin Peaks theme

Angelo Badalamenti’s twangy slow jam has gotten a remix just in time for the series’ return

Flying Lotus has released his own remixed version of composer Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic Twin Peaks theme. It’s replete with machine-gun hi-hats and… not much else. FlyLo first played his remix of the track live at Upstream Music Fest in Seattle this past weekend.

Not everyone is into it, however. When the track was posted to Reddit’s Hip Hop Heads sub, users questioned how much effort was put into its making. “This kinda sucks lmao. I don’t hear anything Flylo about it. It’s just like someone put the Twin Peaks theme in FL Studio and just added basic drums over it,” one user wrote.

“Holy shit that was bad lol,” another reads.

Less than a week away from the series relaunch, everyone is feeding in to the Twin Peaks frenzy. Although the show will air at Cannes Film Festival, it will take place after the show’s launch on Showtime, and none of the cast are doing press. The New York City MTA has released a special edition metro card. The New York Times went on a hunt for a the recipe to the show’s signature cherry pie.

There’s already a lot to digest, and the series hasn’t even officially returned. Take a listen to FlyLo’s “Twin Peaks” below: