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Mykki Blanco won’t ‘make excuses for heterosexual people’

One interviewer tried to get Blanco to admit different gender pronouns were ‘confusing’ – and he wasn’t having it

Queer rapper Mykki Blanco had to gendersplain to an interviewer why gender pronouns – and getting them correct – matters. The interviewer, seemingly side-eyeing the concept of non-binary gender, asked a question of Blanco that many who don’t understand are probably asking themselves: why the need for all of these pronouns?

“There are so many variations within the spectrum of gender,” she said to Blanco. “And everyone wants to be called exactly how they feel. Can you understand that’s a bit confusing to some people?”

Blanco, who has long been genderqueer, was not having it.

“I understand that people can have trouble with it, but who cares?” he fired back. “Get on board, that’s life. One of the things I'll never do is make excuses for hetereosexual people. Our whole entire world is ran for the most part by a patriarchal heterosexual agenda, and I’m sorry, but if it’s too confusing for you now, watch this program, read a book, read a magazine [...] Life is an ongoing journey.”

The interviewer was likely simply curious for Blanco’s perspective, and without the question, we wouldn’t have received the enlightened wisdom of Blanco on the subject. He posted the interview to her Instagram, writing in the caption: “DON'T MISGENDER. IT’S AS EASY AS .... TRYING & LEARNING.”

Blanco is currently on a world tour and will soon be making a pit stop in Glasgow for Block9’s 10th anniversary.