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Kanye launches jewellery line inspired by 14th-century art

The 12 piece collection is available to buy now

Kanye West has continued his expansion into artistic realms outside of music, with the launch of a 12 piece jewellery line, made in collaboration with Jacob Arabo, a go-to-jeweller for many of hip-hop’s biggest names.

The jewellery, that has reportedly been modelled by Kim Kardashian for months, takes it cues from 14-century Florentine art, with some pieces certainly reminiscent of Florin coins used in Renaissance era Italy.

One ring has “A GOD DREAM” running around its perimeter, a lyric from Ultralight Beam, a track from his last album The Life Of Pablo. Prices for the 18k yellow gold rings and necklaces range from the expensive ($1,530) to the very expensive ($13,360). Check them out below, available at Yeezy Supply.