See this eerie love song sung in a bathroom drenched in red

Carmen Rosa's debut music video, directed by Bella Howard and Laura Colada, is a dramatic, introspective trip

“There’s darker things I’ve seen, I’m not as sweet as I seem” are some of the alluring lyrics Carmen Rosa drops in her new track “Give Me Your Love”. The song, taken from Rosa's EP Wild One, is a beautiful, haunting bathtime affair.

Having grown up in London, Rosa's first encounters in music came from movies – both her father and grandfather were film producers. She let herself be influenced by the craft of her relatives, with the music that brought scenes to life playing an integral role in informing her passion. Recalling memories of her early life, Rosa says, “I was always drawn to the soundtracks. I’d occasionally catch early cuts of scenes before the music had been added, and then seeing it come to life… I was fascinated by the way music can make something so much more powerful.”

This cinematic influence Rosa talks about is ever present in her string-soaked arrangements, and she cites Danny Elfman and Edward Scissorhands’ scores as a major reference point for the recording of “Give Me Love”.

The red-light drenched music video, directed by Bella Howard (who met Carmen at London Fashion Week) and Laura Colada, perfectly complements the lyrics Rosa gently lays down. Dramatically opening with Ginger George (Austin from Swim Deep) lying in a bath, the video takes you on a trip of introspection and self-expression. Howard said, “I loved the idea of shooting in Spring with the blossom and that feeling of birth/renewal and being free to be who you want, Austin/Ginger was the perfect choice.” Using PJ Harvey as a make-up reference (and tips from Ginger), the video retains an integrity which sits perfectly alongside the authentic vocals – no need for hyper-realism, excessive retouching or glaring lights.

Carmen Rosa's debut EP Wild One will be released on May 9.