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azealia banks
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Azealia Banks to have anger management classes after assault

The rapper allegedly ‘punched’ and ‘bit’ a New York nightclub bouncer back in 2015

Azealia Banks has agreed to have anger management classes after pleading guilty to misdemeanour, assault and attempted assault.

The rapper was arrested back in 2015, after allegedly punching and “biting the boob” of a New York nightclub bouncer. According to reports, Banks accepted a plea deal on the incident this week, and will now complete a 26-week series of anger management classes to have her charges reduced to disorderly conduct.

“After conferring and working with Ms Banks’ New York criminal attorney, we were able to negotiate and accept a plea deal,” Banks’ lawyer, John Vafa, told Pitchfork. “Ms Banks will participate in the ordered courses by the district attorney and the judge for 26 weeks.”

It’s not the first time the “Big Big Beat” rapper has become embroiled in controversy, either. In fact, it’s become really easy to lose count. In the same year as the above incident, Banks was involved in an air-rage altercation, where she was filmed calling a flight attendant a “fucking f*ggot”. She was also forced to apologise to Sarah Palin in 2016, after she called for the former governor to be gangbanged and “locked in a cupboard.” That’s not even touching on the recent battery charges she’s filed against Gladiator actor Russell Crowe

On top of these new anger management classes, Banks will have to avoid all other conflicts, and check in regularly with the judge. Failure to comply with this could reportedly lead to “up to a year” of jail time