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‘cuz the 6 has the aux cable’via

What is the meaning behind Frank Ocean’s new topless selfie?

We investigate

Earlier today, Frank Ocean shared a rare, topless selfie on his Tumblr account. The image shows the elusive auteur standing in front of a bathroom mirror, fingers crossed and iPhone in hand. The caption beneath? “Cus the 6 has the aux cable.”

Now, if it was anyone else, this wouldn’t be worthy of coverage. But it’s not. It’s Frank. The same Frank who released two surprise albums within a week of each other last year (Blonde and cryptic visual Endless). The same Frank who, over the last month, dropped a Calvin Harris and Migos collaboration, as well as a brand new track called “Chanel”. After four years off the radar, the singer now appears to be more visible than ever. So what does this latest post mean? What’s he got planned? What aux cable? Why six? What are his fingers doing? Why? Why? When? Let’s go closer.


The most straightforward explanation. Ocean has lost his aux cable (important music tool) and is crossing his fingers that it will soon be returned. Presumably, six thieves – known as “the 6” – took it from him. He has taken his top off because the uncertainty has made his body feel hot. 


OK so, I’m not sure about this, but online fan forums seem to be backing it. The “6” that Ocean mentions could, in fact, be a reference to Drake’s Views From The 6 – which would signal a potential Drake collaboration, with Ocean potentially leaving his aux cable with the rapper. He has taken his top off because the excitement has made his body feel hot. 


One colleague suggested that the image was implying that Canada is better at music – the “6” being a reference to Toronto, and the “aux cable” being a reference to music as a whole. I would like to be distanced from this theory. 


Another explanation here, from a colleague who chooses to remain anonymous for personal reasons. “Aux is latin for help, kind of.” They explain. “And cables are about connection. So I think he's saying a certain connection is helping him. And maybe 6 is a person, like 007. So maybe he's saying he's in a relationship and it's good.” 


The most likely explanation is also, incidentally, the most boring. Ocean is sharing a selfie taken with his iPhone 6s (from March last year, according to one Reddit user). His caption – “‘cuz the 6 has the aux cable” – is the singer reminiscing about this old phone model. As most of us know, the new iPhone 7 does not have an audio jack for the aux cable, and Ocean resents that. So here he is, celebrating the former 6 model. 

You’re welcome everyone xx