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Aphex Twin logo
Aphex Twin logo constructionvia

Trace the evolution of Aphex Twin’s iconic logo

The artist behind the electronic music auteur’s logo releases sketches of its design to mark the 25th anniversary of his debut album

25 years ago, Aphex Twin released his seminal album Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Marking its anniversary, Paul Nicholson – the man responsible for designing the instantly recognisable Aphex Twin logo that has adorned not just Selected Ambient Works, but subsequent Aphex releases – recently posted images of its initial blueprints through to its final version on Instagram.

Aphex’s record label Warp pointed towards the Instagram posts on Facebook yesterday. Nicholson highlights that he wanted to share the images to set the record straight, citing the “many incorrect versions of this logo floating about” on the internet. “I thought it about time to release the definitive logo construction,” Nicholson wrote on Instagram. Further images reveal the designs of a matching typeface. The logo was drawn by hand using just “circle templates and rulers.” It remains just as innovative as the album.

Check out a handful of designs below, and head to Instagram to see more.