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Housse de Racket Makes Some Noise

The French duo have made a racket in Paris and is now bringing it over to the UK.

Housse de Racket (literally ‘Racket Cover’) is the latest French music sensation that brings us the sound of this summer with they debut album Forty Love, signed with Discograph. With fresh electro pop songs the Paris-based duo straddle the line between Phoenix and Vampire Week-end, with lyrics all sung in French.

The story began in the mid 90s when teenagers Victor and Pierre met in a local music school in the suburb of Paris. At that time the two boys would be listening stuff from Stevie Wonder to Nirvana while sporting Pearl Jam t-shirts and sticking Serge Gainsbourg posters in their rooms.

Ten years later Housse de Racket releases a catchy and unconventional debut album which outstanding single 'Oh Yeah' has already been remixed by fellow Parisian electro purveyors Tepr, 25 Hours a Day, and Gonzales. Their music caught the attention of APC’s creator Jean Touitou who has decided to distribute Forty Love in his boutiques and on the APC’s website. The boys also got the opportunity to design an exclusive APC t-shirt, available now in the APC stores and on the website.

If they have been touring in France for the past year Victor and Pierre recently signed with UK booker Primary which means loads of gigs lined up in the UK (they did their first UK performance at Yoyo last month). They’ll also be playing for APC alongside with The Teenagers in Tokyo and Hong-Kong in May. Their third single ‘Synthétiseur’ is coming out at the end of the month, keep your ears peeled!

Dazed Digital caught the boys in Paris for a ‘Paris vs London’ interview.

Best for girls?
London just because we're French!

Best for food?
Paris! We ate too much "chicken cottage" in London... French fromage is the best... et oui!

Best for music?
London… Like every French guy who makes music we wish we had grown up in England. There is so much going on in London! But there are actually plenty of wicked bands in Paris right now, especially on the electronic scene.

Best for partying?
Paris as we know the doorbitches of the coolest clubs in Paris. That is not the case in London, not yet...

Best for clothing?
London. Big thanks to Topman at Sheperds Bush. Last time we went there our sound engineer bought us for £123 of hats and underwear.

Best for performing?
So far Paris because we are playing in bigger venues and we start to feel comfortable on stage. Our gig at La Cigale last week was sold out, everything was just amazing… We love London cause people doesn't understand our lyrics.